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  Level I Supplementary Application - Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program (B.H.Sc.)  


We are pleased that you are considering the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program at McMaster University. The information you give us in the supplementary application will be helpful in the selection process.

Please Note Before Beginning:

  • IMPORTANT: Your status on your Student Center will not reflect the successful submission of your supplementary application until mid to late February, approximately 10-15 working days past the February 1st deadline. Please retain a copy of your on-line supplementary application submission and confirmation number for your records.
  • To be considered for admission you MUST complete and submit the MANDATORY supplementary application form.
  • You must have applied to the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program ("MNS" on the OUAC form) in order to have this form reviewed.
  • You must have a valid 'OUAC number' and ensure that it is submitted accurately on the supplementary application form in order to have this form reviewed.
  • The deadline for submitting this application is February 1, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST. This form will not be available for submission following this date.
  • YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP A COPY OF YOUR SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICATION. Please print a copy for your records once you have submitted the application (you will be presented with this opportunity once you submit your application).
  • It is critical that you review the 'Technical Notes' section of this page (located below) in order to properly submit your application.
  • If you wish to prepare your responses in advance of submitting your application, you may access a blank copy of the application here. Again, please review the 'Technical Notes' before preparing your responses.
  • Once your application has been submitted, your submission will be assigned a confirmation number. Please retain the confirmation number for your records. You may use the confirmation number and your last name to verify your submission.

Technical Notes:

  • In order to complete the supplementary application, you must be using a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari with the browser's security settings at or below default levels. Javascript and cookies must be enabled in order to ensure successful submission.
    ** Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is NOT supported. Applicants must select an alternate web browser.
  • Once you begin the application, you will be required to complete it within *45 minutes* of loading the form into your browser. If you require more time, it is recommended that you prepare your answers beforehand and paste them into the form as required (do not use MS Word or Wordperfect to cut and paste, you may only use Notepad. See below for more details on Copying and Pasting).
  • There is a 1500 character limit for each long answer question, which includes spaces and punctuation.
  • A Note on Formatting: Please be aware that certain types of text formatting of paragraphs beyond a single space will not work. So, using tabs and indentations for poems will not be stored properly in the database. Spaces (only one at a time) and hard returns in the short answer responses are acceptable. If using a single space in your short answer response you will not be able to view the space on the Verification Page. The single space will be saved on your application that is printed for our review.

Copying and Pasting:

  • Do not use a word processor (such as Word or Wordperfect) during the process of completing the online application. Word processing programs often use characters that are not compatible with web forms. It is therefore critical that you use a text editor (like Windows Notepad, for example) if you intend to cut and paste into the online application form. You cannot cut and paste from MS Word or Wordperfect into Notepad. You MUST either type your responses directly into Notepad and then cut and paste OR type your responses directly into the application.
  • Finally, you should ensure that you use a Western Character set in your browser to complete this application. Please adjust your browser's settings as needed.

Verifying Your Application:

  • After successfully submitting your application, you will be taken to a Confirmation Page where you will be given a Confirmation Number and a chance to Print Your Application (required for your records).
  • After Submission and Confirmation, you can verify that your application is in our records by accessing the 'Verification Page'.

Get Started: