How To Find A Research Supervisor

Top tips – finding a potential supervisor

Top tips – emailing a potential supervisor

  • Be concise
  • Attach your CV or resume
  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK – tailor the email to the supervisor specifically
  • Offer to meet in person
  • Ask for referrals as well
  • Don’t be discouraged


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BHSc (Honours) Program Summer Research Scholarships

The BHSc (Honours) Program contributes funds for the Program Summer Research Scholarships for BHSc (Honours) students to pursue summer research opportunities at McMaster University with a faculty member who is prepared to match the funding.

  • Scholarships are valued at $2,000 each
  • Application Opens in AwardSpring on February 1st
  • Application Deadline: February 28th

It is the applicant’s responsibility to negotiate a summer research position with a faculty member at a McMaster University affiliated institution (ie. other McMaster University Faculties, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Cancer Centre and Hamilton Health Sciences which includes: McMaster Medical Centre, Hamilton General, Henderson and Chedoke).

Scholarship Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria

  • Faculty member must be prepared to match the $2,000 funding
  • Faculty member must be located at a McMaster University affiliated institution (as described above)
  • Spring/Summer work duration and hours to be determined by the supervisor.  For example: $4,000 could cover 8 weeks at 35 hours per week.
  • Level I, II and III B.H.Sc. (Honours) students may apply (Level IV students are ineligible)
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to complete a form with their supervisor to ensure that the summer research/project has received biosafety/research ethics board approval (this form will be available once we have selected the scholarship recipients)
  • Level I applicants must have a 9.5 minimum sessional average from Term 1 to apply for this scholarship. Levels II and III applicants must have a 9.5 minimum cumulative average in order to apply for this scholarship.
  • If you are applying for an NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship, you may also apply for a BHSc Summer Research Scholarship. If you are a recipient of an NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship, you will not be considered for the BHSc Summer Research Scholarship. You may retain one summer research scholarship.
  • Refer to AwardSpring in mid-April for the decision on your application.
  • Scholarship recipients may be approached by the Editor-in-Chief of the Meducator to prepare an article on their research experience for publication. If approached students are strongly encouraged to participate, but must obtain consent from their research supervisor prior to writing the article, in addition the contents of the article must be reviewed/approved by the research supervisor.
  • Applicants who are eligible for OSAP will be given priority

Scholarship Application Procedure

Applicants must apply for the BHSc Summer Research Scholarship in AwardSpring.