BHSc (Honours) student awarded Fessenden-Trott Scholarship for 2017

BHSc (Honours) student awarded Fessenden-Trott Scholarship for 2017

The BHSc (Honours) Program would like to congratulate Dorsa Kord who was awarded the Fessenden-Trott Scholarship for 2017.  

The Fessenden-Trott Scholarships were established in memory of the late Professor Reginald Aubrey Fessenden and the late Helen May Fessenden (née Trott).  Professor Fessenden was born in Canada in 1866. He travelled to Bermuda as a young man and was Headmaster of the Whitney Institute for approximately two years.  Professor Fessenden had a distinguished university career in Canada and the US, became a renowned inventor of electrical and radio equipment and was a pioneer of radio broadcasting.  He developed a new system of wireless transmission which led to the first trans-Atlantic wireless telegraphic service.  Professor Fessenden also invented the oscillator, the fathometer, the wireless compass and other submarine signaling devices. He was honoured by the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1921 and received the John Smith medal for his invention in “Continuous Wave Telegraphy and Telephony” in 1922, followed by the Scientific American Medal for his numerous inventions relating to safety at sea.

Professor Fessenden returned to Bermuda when his health began to fail and resided there until his death in 1932.  Mrs. Fessenden remained in Bermuda until she died in 1941 and the Fessenden Trust was established by her will.

Each year, the Fessenden-Trott Scholarships are offered to a different region of Canada. In 2017, nominations were accepted from universities in the province of Ontario.  Winners are selected by a committee of Canadian university and college representatives chosen by Universities Canada.  Evaluation criteria include, academic performance, leadership qualities as evidenced by volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular activities as well as references.

Congratulations Dorsa!