BHSc Student Photography Showcase

BHSc Student Photography Showcase

By Samantha Dong, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2022 and Sachi Chan, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2023

Why did you get into photography? 


“I strive to use photography to showcase the beautiful parts of this world, raise awareness for issues, and also simply communicate interesting things I’ve seen every day.”


“I love the creative freedom that comes with photography”


“At a young age, I always loved the idea of documenting, and having something to look back on years down the line.”


We all share different views of the world, and have different stories to share. For some BHSc students, we showcase this through photography. Whether it’s on a DSLR or from our phone cameras, photography has become an accessible medium for anyone. We asked BHSc students to submit some of their favourite photos to showcase their photography journeys. We love seeing the creativity and stories behind each of these photos, and hope that these will inspire you!


Let’s take a look at what was shared by six students from our BHSc Community!