The Faculty of Health Sciences Student Home Base, more commonly known as “The Lounge” is a location for students to relax and take breaks between classes on campus. It is equipped with desktop computers, televisions, couches, desks and basic appliances to make student life more convenient. It is a popular area for health science students between classes, and as a common meeting room.

Where: HSC by the east doors

What can you do here?: Chill between classes, play cards, meet up with friends, eat lunch, microwave your food, scan your documents, use the computers… the list goes on

Hours: Open during the day until 11:00 PM each day

An important part of our responsibility in the program is to develop a learning community that incorporates the concepts of collaboration, peer tutoring and life-long learning. Beginning in first year students identify personal goals that they would like to develop and begin to work on these goals. Students submit reflections each year which are reviewed by their peers and faculty. Students are given feedback on how they might achieve their personal goals. This may lead to volunteer work in the Hamilton and McMaster community, peer tutoring another student in the program and other means of involvement.

They submit their reflections and have full access to refine them as they go along through each year of study. Even beyond their four years of study they can access Learnlink as alumni. This enables staff and faculty to continue our relationships with them.

In their final year students are invited to meet with faculty to review their personal goals and reflections which is also the year when they officially register in the course. Their final grade is based on the evidence they provide to determine if they achieved their personal goals and learning outcomes.

We also offer several Peer Tutor courses for upper level students. We use peer tutors in several courses. One of the courses is first year Inquiry where they assist students in establishing their personal and learning goals, the transition in moving away from home and living on campus, adjusting to the Inquiry teaching method and helping us identify students who may be struggling.

Courses: Students have the opportunity to work with peer tutors in first year inquiry, second year inquiry and in the communications skills course. This culminates with HTH SCI 4X03 – Collaboration.

Class Size: Depends on the course.

Learning Style: Annual goals and reflections with a formal course in fourth year.

The McMaster University campus is located at the western end of Lake Ontario.

The campus is bordered from the north by Cootes Paradise, a lush and beautiful forest.

There are many Hamilton Street Railway stops right on campus for fast access to the rest of Hamilton. In addition, there is a GO Transit bus terminal right on campus.

Address: 1280 Main Street West Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1

Size: Total land area is 300 acres (the central core is 30 acres).

Locale: Hamilton, ON. 68 km from Toronto, 71 km from US border.

Student Population for 2009/10:21,173 full-time undergraduate students and 3,025 full-time graduate students.

It’s time to meet the Hamilton you don’t know. It’s a city where arts thrive, from grass-roots galleries to century-old institutions. And where history’s presence is celebrated and honoured through its National Historic Sites, renowned museums and architecture. It’s a destination that unfolds in surprising ways, from its stunning natural beauty to a vibrant culinary scene. However you spend your time, let your sense of adventure guide you to new and exciting places around this dynamic, authentic destination.