Course Code Title
 HTHSCI 1DT3 Discover Immunology Today
 HTHSCI 1G02 Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving in Health
 HTHSCI 1M03 Foundations of Data Science
 HTHSCI 1I06 A/B  Cellular and Molecular Biology
 HTHSCI 1K03  Health Sciences in the Media
 HTHSCI 1X01 A/B  Praxis Pathways 1
 HTHSCI 2AE3  Artistic Explorations of Community Issues
 HTHSCI 2CH3 A/B  CHS Learning Modules
 HTHSCI 2CH6 A/B  CHS Inquiry Modules
 HTHSCI 2DS3  The Complexities of Disease States
 HTHSCI 2E03  Inquiry II: Biochemistry
 HTHSCI 2F03  Human Physiology and Anatomy I
 HTHSCI 2FF3  Human Physiology and Anatomy II
 HTHSCI 2G03 Statistics & Epidemiology 1
 HTHSCI 2GG3 Statistics & Epidemiology 2
 HTHSCI 2K03  Cell Biology
 HTHSCI 2T03  Sex, Gender & Health
 HTHSCI 2X03 A/B Praxis Pathways 2
 HTHSCI 3AH3  Aboriginal Health
 HTHSCI 3BA3  Symptomatology
 HTHSCI 3BM3  Inquiry Project in Biomedical Sciences
 HTHSCI 3BM6 A/B  Inquiry Project in Biomedical Sciences
 HTHSCI 3CC3  Theatre for Development
 HTHSCI 3CH6 A/B  CHS Research Practicum
 HTHSCI 3CH9 A/B  CHS Inquiry Intermediate
 HTHSCI 3DD6 A/B  Engaging the City
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Body, Mind & Spirit
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Economics and Health Care
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Inheritance, Genetic Disease and Cancer
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Health, Science and Society in Literature
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Blood
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Creative Writing
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Bones
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Human Security & Health
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Cancer Immunotherapy
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Cannabis
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Health Information
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Madness, Badness, Sadness
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Neuroplasticity
 HTHSCI 3E03  Inquiry III: Technology in Health & Healthcare
 HTHSCI 3EE3  Biomedical Graphics
 HTHSCI 3FC3  Science of Fictional Characters
 HTHSCI 3G03  Critical Appraisal of the Medical Literature
 HTHSCI 3GG3  Health Systems and Health Policy
 HTHSCI 3H03  Inquiry Project
 HTHSCI 3H06 A/B  Inquiry Project
 HTHSCI 3HH3  Deceptions in Decision Making
 HTHSCI 3HL3  Health Law: Current & Emerging Issues
 HTHSCI 3HR3 A/B  Research Skills
 HTHSCI 3I03  Introductory Immunology
 HTHSCI 3JJ3  The Science of Feeling Good
 HTHSCI 3K03  Introductory Virology
 HTHSCI 3KK3  Seeing and understanding Data
 HTHSCI 3L03  Introduction to Bioethics
 HTHSCI 3MH3  Critical Examination of Mental Health – NIFAKIS
 HTHSCI 3MH3  Critical Examination of Mental Health – TRIM
 HTHSCI 3MU3  Music, Health & the Community
 HTHSCI 3N03  Written Communication in Health Sciences I
 HTHSCI 3NN3  Inquiry in Perinatal and Reproductive Health
 HTHSCI 3PP3  Health Ventures
 HTHSCI 3QA3  Qualitative Research Methods in Health
 HTHSCI 3RH3  Racism and Health
 HTHSCI 3RS3  Foundations in Rehabilitation Sciences
 HTHSCI 3S03  Communication Skills – JEWELL
 HTHSCI 3S03  Communication Skills – TRIM
 HTHSCI 3SB3  Superbugs: Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance
 HTHSCI 3SS3  Surviving Survivor: Insights from Reality TV for Real Life
 HTHSCI 3T03  Inquiry into Work, Self and Purpose
 HTHSCI 3U03  Medical Genetics
 HTHSCI 3V03  Research and Experimental Design
 HTHSCI 3X00  Praxis Pathways 3
 HTHSCI 3X03  Pain: Perceptions, Mechanisms and Management
 HTHSCI 4A09 A/B  Thesis
 HTHSCI 4A12 A/B  Thesis
 HTHSCI 4A15 A/B  Thesis
 HTHSCI 4AC3 Advanced Communication Skills
 HTHSCI 4AL3  Model Systems
 HTHSCI 4B06 A/B  Senior Project
 HTHSCI 4BB3  Neuroimmunology
 HTHSCI 4BR6 A/B  Research Skills & Application
 HTHSCI 4C06 A/B  Senior Project in Child Health
 HTHSCI 4C09 A/B  Thesis in Child Health
 HTHSCI 4C12 A/B  Thesis in Child Health
 HTHSCI 4C15 A/B  Thesis in Child Health
 HTHSCI 4CH3 A/B  CHS Education Practicum
 HTHSCI 4CH6 A/B  CHS Inquiry Advanced
HTHSCI 4CU3  Cultural Competency: Health Sci
 HTHSCI 4D03  Special Topics in Health Sciences
 HTHSCI 4D06 A/B  Senior Project in Engaging the City
 HTHSCI 4D09 A/B  Thesis in Engaging the City
 HTHSCI 4D12 A/B  Thesis in Engaging the City
 HTHSCI 4DE3  Senior Project Engaging the City
 HTHSCI 4DM3  Demystifying Medicine
 HTHSCI 4DN3  Dance in Health and Wellness
 HTHSCI 4EE3 A/B  Education Practicum in Health Sciences
 HTHSCI 4F03  Clinical Practice Environment
 HTHSCI 4G03  Pathoanatomy
 HTHSCI 4G06 A/B  Senior Project in Global Health
 HTHSCI 4G09 A/B  Thesis in Global Health
 HTHSCI 4G12 A/B  Thesis in Global Health
 HTHSCI 4G15 A/B  Thesis in Global Health
 HTHSCI 4IC3  Integration of Children’s Physical and Mental Health
 HTHSCI 4II3  Advanced Concepts in Immunology
 HTHSCI 4IS3  Frameshift Innovations Lab
 HTHSCI 4J03  Immunological Principles in Practice
 HTHSCI 4JJ3  Building Undergraduate Research Capacity
 HTHSCI 4K03  Human Pathophysiology
 HTHSCI 4KK3  Pathophysiology of Infectious Diseases
 HTHSCI 4LD3  Global Health Governance
 HTHSCI 4LL3  Integrated Health Systems
 HTHSCI 4M03  Advances Concepts in Health Psychology
 HTHSCI 4MS3  Toxic Tales: The Social Lives of Molecules
 HTHSCI 4NC3  Navigating Complexity in Healthcare
 HTHSCI 4NN3  Written communication in Health Sciences II
 HTHSCI 4NU3  Nutrition
 HTHSCI 4O03  Principles of Virus Pathogenesis
 HTHSCI 4PA3  Global Health Innovation
 HTHSCI 4QQ3 A/B  Communication Skills Practicum
 HTHSCI 4R09 A/B  Thesis in Biomedical Sciences
 HTHSCI 4R12 A/B  Thesis in Biomedical Sciences
 HTHSCI 4SC3  Social Determinants of Child Health
 HTHSCI 4SR3  Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
 HTHSCI 4SS6 A/B  Group Process Practicum
 HTHSCI 4TE3  The Teaching Hospital
 HTHSCI 4TT3 A/B  Research Practicum
 HTHSCI 4W03  Special Topics in Health Sciences II
 HTHSCI 4WW3 A/B  Education Practicum
 HTHSCI 4X03  Collaboration and Peer Tutoring
 HTHSCI 4XX3  Professional Transitions
 HTHSCI 4Y03  Science, Culture and Identity
 HTHSCI 4YY3  Health Forum Practicum
 HTHSCI 4ZZ3  Global Health Advocacy