To promote personal and scholastic growth amongst all in the BHSc Community
The BHSS is a student organization composed of a network of clubs and committees that are consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of our fellow students. Our mandate is to promote unity, collaboration and participation within the BHSc Program in addition to providing educational and extra-curricular opportunities to our peers in order to enhance university experiences. Alongside these objectives, the society is designed to allow students to achieve both scholastic and personal growth.

Facebook: Bachelor of Health Sciences Society – BHSS

Twitter: @MacBHSS


Francis Lao

Email: laof@mcmaster.ca
FB: Francis Lao

Financial Coordinator

Nicholas Hua
Email: huan@mcmaster.ca
FB: Nicholas Hua

Academic Coordinator

Imaan Kherani
Email: kheranii@mcmaster.ca
FB: Imaan Kherani

External Coordinator

Ajay Gandhi
Email: ajay.gandhi.raj@gmail.com
FB: Ajay Gandhi

Internal Coordinator

Davi Sihota
Email: sihotd1@mcmaster.ca
FB: Davi Sihota

Social Coordinators

Paul Mundra and Kat Sliwowicz
Email: mundrap@mcmaster.ca sliwowik@mcmaster.ca
FB: Paul Mundra, Kat Sliwowicz
Insta: @bhsssocial

Communications Coordinator

Krishihan Sivapragasam
Email: sivaprak@mcmaster.ca
FB: Krishihan Sivapragasam

Welcome Week Coordinators

Bryan Wong and Surabhi Sivaratnam
Snapchat: bhsswwc
Insta: @bhscpathogens
Email: wongb16@mcmaster.ca sivarats@mcmaster.ca
FB: Bryan Wong, Surabhi Siva

BHSS Elections Coordinators

Alvin Leenus and Peter Belesiotis
LL: BHSS Elections Coordinators
Youtube: BHSS elections
Website: http://mcmasterbhss.wix.com/elections

SRA Health Sciences

Tushar Tejpal and Devin Roshan

Email: srahealth@msu.mcmaster.ca

LL: SRA Health Sciences
FB: Tushar Tejpal, Devin Roshan

First Year Rep

LL: BHSS 1st Year Representative

Second Year Representative

Arani Kulamurugan
Email: kulamura@mcmaster.ca
FB: Arani Kula

Third Year Representative

Saif Samari
Email: samaris@mcmaster.ca
FB: Saif Samari

Fourth Year Representative

Shreyas Sreeraman
Email: sreerams@mcmaster.ca
FB: Shreyas Sreeraman


Undergraduate Senate Representative

Devin Roshan
LL: Devin Roshan
FB: Devin Roshan