End-of-Term Course Evaluations Now Available

End-of-Term Course Evaluations Now Available

Can you believe that we are only a week away from the end of classes for the semester?  You’ve survived the November crush, and now we’re staring down exams and end-of-term papers and projects — there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Before then, however, we need your feedback to further enhance our courses and programs in the BHSc (Hons) Program and the courses you’re taking in other departments at McMaster.  Course Evaluations are available to complete until December 7 at midnight!

Your input is vital, whether you have something positive to say, suggestions for improvement, or even if you think it’s just ‘fine’ — all of this information is useful to the program and to your instructors.

Last semester, HTHSCI 3MU3 – Music, Health, & the Community, topped the entire university with the response rate from students…100% of students in the course completed their evaluation!

A few things you might not know about course evaluations at McMaster:

  • your feedback is completely anonymous — your name and MAC ID are stripped from your submission;
  • if you think of something you want to add or change after having submitted, you can go back and edit them during the course evaluations period;
  • instructors only get access to course evaluation reports after they have submitted their final grades — that way, even if they could guess who you were from your comments, there is no way for it to affect your grades.

In order for your feedback to have maximum effect, McGill University has provided some really insightful suggestions for students in completing their course evaluations:

  • be respectful;
  • be specific and provide examples;
  • speak based on your own experiences, not on behalf of your classmates;
  • focus on observable behaviours of the instructor or specific aspects of the course;
  • avoid personal or emotional comments, describing actual incidents instead if applicable;
  • describe how the instructor or course elements affect you;
  • offer alternative solutions or suggestions that could help the instructor in planning future iterations of the course;
  • offer specific reasons for your judgement, for both positive and negative comments.

(from McGill MERCURY Course Evaluations website:  https://www.mcgill.ca/mercury/students/feedback)

The University of Michigan’s Centre for Research on Learning & Teaching also has some useful suggestions for enhancing your feedback.