Thank you for your interest in the BHSc (Honours) Program! We are a dynamic and ever-evolving community of learners – students, faculty, and staff alike – who are committed to creating an enriching educational environment in which students can build their knowledge across a range of health-related disciplines while simultaneously building crucial skills in problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

In these pages you’ll find more detailed information about the program, answers to frequently asked questions, and instructions on how to apply. If you’re interested in a health-related career and relish an intellectual challenge, this might be the program for you!

Alumni Quotes

Graduating from the BHSc program, I felt extremely prepared to enter the workforce. Not only have the multitude of skills I attained throughout my four years in the program help me land jobs to start up my career in research, but they have also helped me day in and day out. The skillset I attained through the Communication Skills course has helped me tremendously in interacting with patients in my research role while knowledge attained from Epidemiology, Statistics and Critical appraisal of the medical literature courses have  provided me with the tools necessary to understand the research process. The program is perfectly designed to take you anywhere you want to go in the broad spectrum of health. Whether it is a clinical or research role, the skills are applicable. At the end of the day it isn’t the things you memorized you remember, but the hours you spent learning in groups and one-on-one with your instructors. I couldn’t have chosen a better program.

Sadaf Arbabtafti, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2013 


Let’s be honest; it is likely that a lot of the facts that you memorize for a course will be cast away the second you hand in your exam. However, it’s amazing how much information you retain when you seek it out yourself, analyze it, and question it. That’s what I appreciate about this program. The professors are integral to this process and really challenge you to dive deeper and think critically. At the end of the day, I may forget a fact or two, but I will never forget how to learn on my own. 

Kimberly Young, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2015


I love the flexibility of mainstream BHSc! As I am still in the process of discovering my interests and passion in various fields, the capacity for electives in mainstream allows me to explore a wide range of options from psychology to global health. It gives me the opportunity to understand myself a bit better and the kind of career I want to pursue.

Selina Zeng, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2015