University Applicants to BHSc (Honours) Level II for September 2020

Application questions will be available in late August 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact the BHSc office at (905) 525-9140 ext. 22815 or ext. 22181 or email for assistance.

Level II Transfer Applicants from another University:

  • OUAC Application deadline date is April 1st.
  • Must submit a final University transcript to the Admissions Office no later than June 1st.

Level II Transfer Applicants from McMaster University:

  • Apply through Mosaic. Level II Program Application available in April (refer to the Registrar’s Office website for specific open and close dates).
  • Level II transfer applicants are not eligible to apply for a BHSc Specialization (ie. sub-plan) in Mosaic. If you apply for a sub-plan your application will not be reviewed for BHSc (Honours) and you will be considered ineligible.

Information for All Level II Transfer Applicants:

  • Enrolment is limited.
  • Transfer applicants are ineligible to apply to a BHSc Specialization. If a Level II transfer applicant receives an admission offer and would like to be considered for a BHSc Specialization they will be considered on a case by case basis, only if space permits. There is no guarantee that space will be available in the specialization. Therefore, it is critical that if you apply to BHSc (Honours) that you are interested in the core stream.
  • We do not consider applicants to this program if they have completed a University undergraduate degree or if they have completed more than one year of University undergraduate studies.
  • Supplementary Applications will be reviewed for those applicants who satisfy the grade and course requirements.
  • Applicants will be selected based on both their academic qualifications and their scores on the BHSc Supplementary Application.
  • If you are an Indigenous applicant and wish to be considered under the Facilitated Indigenous Admissions Program (FIAP), more information is available here.  You should apply for the BHSc (Hons) Program as per the usual procedure in addition to completing a FIAP application.

Level II BHSc (Honours) Supplementary Application for 2020

The BHSc Supplementary Application is used by current University Undergraduate students who are completing their first year.

Application questions will be available in late August 2019.  We recommend that you draft your responses in preparation for submitting the on-line application when it becomes available.

The questions will not necessarily be presented in this order when you log in to the online supplementary application system.

You will receive an email in early May with additional instructions and your username/password to access the on-line supplementary application.

Current McMaster students will receive their username/password to their McMaster email.

Applicants from another University will receive their username/password to the email you provided on your OUAC application.

Once you receive the email in early May to access the on-line supplementary application you will have a two (2) day window to complete the System Check and another four (4) day window to submit the on-line application.  If you do not submit the on-line application by the deadline date stated in the email, you will not be considered for this program.

Important things to keep in mind;

  • Each question has a limit of 1,500 characters which includes punctuation and spaces.
  • We do not accept any additional documentation (i.e. resume, extra-curricular activities).
  • The supplementary application must be completed entirely by you.  Posting your answers on the internet, whether draft of final, or working with others to prepare your responses is not permitted and may result in removal from the applicant pool.

The BHSc office does not provide guidance in how you should respond to the questions.

Please refer to updates on the BHSc website.  We will post an update on the website in early May once we distribute the email with your username/password to access the on-line supplementary application.

If you have any other questions that are not already covered, please contact the BHSc office at (905) 525-9140 ext. 22815 or ext. 26564 for assistance.