In this together Series: Lifting Spirits through Art

In this together Series: Lifting Spirits through Art


By: Hallie Rodney, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2022

Although COVID-19 has made an enormous impact on the daily lives of students, it has also given individuals time to look inwards and reflect on all that they do have. In doing so, many students have found ways to give back to their communities throughout this challenging time.


I have virtually connected with various members of the Health Sciences community regarding what they have done during this time to provide support to those in need or to educate and elevate individuals in their circles.


In March, my grandfather suffered a severe stroke at the onset of COVID-19. The following day visiting hours were cut to none and he was left in the ICU for a week with no one. He was eventually moved to a stroke floor and then transported to a rehab centre to begin his journey of regaining his strength. Like countless others during this unimaginable time, my grandfather was alone without any opportunity to see family. I was able to arrange to get a piece of art to him and he always spoke about how much joy and brightness it brought him. This made me realize that I can do the same for others, which inspired me to create Art for the Hearts, a non-profit organization that provides art in many forms to individuals in healthcare facilities to warm their hearts and provide brightness. Individuals can donate a piece of art or through our website, send a piece to a loved one and make a donation in their honour. Throughout this experience, I have learned more about the power of art and the brightness it can bring into a patient’s life, especially during an otherwise lonely and isolating time.



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