“Poditics as Usual: Being BHSc” Podcast

“Poditics as Usual: Being BHSc” Podcast

By: Ali Khosravi, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2022 and Rebecca Jiang, BHSc (Honours) Class of 2022

Since COVID-19 decided to be a guest at a party they were never invited to in early 2020, we have completely moved over to virtual learning. This made it harder than ever for students to connect with their peers and professors in different cohorts. We used to make new conversations at HSL every day and now, the only thing we see are initials on a computer screen. This prompted the creation of “Poditics as Usual: Being BHSc”.

Poditics was our vision of creating a student-led podcast that relies on the free-flowing conversations pertaining to the opinions, stories, and struggles of BHSc and McMaster alumni. There is no scripted speech. There is no set agenda. And there are certainly no criteria for people to be able to participate in the episodes. We just want to be able to connect with our peers, professors, and other individuals with unique experiences on a level that has simply not been done before. The power and joy of being able to conversate with others and learn from those conversations is something that is reinforced in the BHSc program and we want to take that idea and translate it into something that can be consumed by everyone listening.

So far we have sat down with:

Eric Seidlitz, a cell biology professor in BHSc, to discuss his experience of being diagnosed with cancer, after doing  years of research on the disease (and other topics including his extensive blogging, perks of being a professor, and his unique academic background);

Albi, a first-year BHSc student, to provide some insight on his transition from high school to university in this online setting (and other topics including welcome week, preconceptions about BHSc, and making friends online);

Declan, a third-year student who decided to move to New Zealand and sleep in his van, cook grilled cheeses on open fires, and travel all over the country, during a gap year between high school and entering BHSc;

Harley Jafine, an inquiry professor who values “play” in everyday life and saying yes more in situations where you normally wouldn’t (and other topics including his passion for theatre, his experience teaching BHSc students, and his detest for pineapples on pizza);

And of course, ourselves, Ali and Rebecca, where we discuss subjects ranging from relationships in BHSc, to unpopular opinions, to BHSc misconceptions. We look forward to chatting with people from a wide variety of backgrounds to spark new conversations on a weekly basis. If you are interested in becoming a guest, please DM us on our Instagram

page (@poditicsasusual) or email us at poditicsasusual@gmail.com

Our podcast is available everywhere! Check it out below:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/6rBgu4fE3B8NQBEoEJBsFE

Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/poditics-as-usual-being-bhsc/id1549558742

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/poditics-as-usual

Here is a sneak peek of one of our most heated debates with Hartley: