Important Information

  • In mid June, you will receive notification from the Registrar’s Office in your Mosaic Self Service (under Enrollment Dates) to let you know when your Fall/Winter Enrollment Appointment (course registration date) opens.

This is a very important step in your registration process.
  • It is good practice to refer to your Advisement Report in Mosaic every time you make a course change.
  • You can access your Academic ADVISEMENT REPORT in mosaic (Mosaic > Student Center > Academics > Academic Requirements > View my advisement report)
  • If you need help on How to Read Your Academic Advisement Report, you may refer to this document.
  • The academic advisement report will help you identify whether you are satisfying your degree requirements by level.
  • Please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for your degree requirements.  You are required to fulfill the degree requirements for the program and if applicable, Specialization based on the year you were admitted to the program/specialization.

If you have any questions about your advisement report/degree requirements, please email either Andrea Phair or Tania Baricevic.

  • Check the undergraduate calendar and/or your advisement report to ensure you are registering for the appropriate required courses for your program and level.
  • Use MyTimetable to ensure that your electives are conflict free with your required courses.
  • For more information on registration, building your degree and how to enrol, please visit,
  • If you are having difficulty registering for an A/B course, please ensure that you have permission (if required) and that you are registering in the A component ONLY.
  • ALL multi-term A/B courses are split evenly across both terms (1E06A/B=3 units per term, 2X03A/B=1.5 units per term, 4A15A/B=7.5 units per term).
  • You can register in an unbalanced load, up to 16.5 units per term (to a max of 30 units).  A full course load is 30 units total for the year (Sept-April).
  • THIRD YEAR STUDENTS can only register in ONE HTH SCI 3E03 section/topic when the course opens.
  • 3H03 A/B is now a multi-term course and will be split 1.5 units in each term, which may result in an unbalanced load 13.5/16.5 units.
  • Third and fourth year BHSc students: seats in certain popular courses with limited space will remain closed until all third and fourth year enrolment appointments have occurred.  See BHSc Elective Courses tab for further details.
  • Maximum 9 units of project/thesis courses in Level 3
    Maximum 18 units of project/thesis courses in Level 4
  • Current student FAQs

Several BHSc elective courses and 3E03 sections that have limited space and/or topics that tend to be popular with our upper-year students are temporarily closed. In an effort to release these seats in the fairest way possible, we are keeping the seats closed until all registration appointment windows have opened for upper-year students.

 OPEN Date is: Thurs. June 24th at 11:00 am

List of elective BHSc courses and 3E03 below! 

You will not see these course schedules in Mosaic until the courses open, Thurs. June 24th at 11:00 am.  For planning purposes, we have attached the SCHEDULE for these particular courses.  

If the course is open to Third and Fourth-year students (including non-BHSc students), categories have been set up to ensure that a portion of seats are available for third and fourth-year BHSc (Hons) students and will be available on a first-serve basis.   The categories will be released at 12:01 a.m. on July 15th.  If the course(s) is filled when your enrolment appt. opens, you may try to register in the course on July 15th when the categories are released, but there is no guarantee that space will be available in an elective course.  You may try to register in the course until the last date for course drop & add in case someone drops it.  Many of the course requisites in our BHSc elective courses have changed to include other learners and will be available to them on July 15th provided seats are available.


Please refer to the course calendar to check the course requisites


If you do not satisfy a course prerequisite, please refer to the Department Contact Information list to find the appropriate person to seek course permission.  Granting course permission is at the discretion of the Program/Faculty/Department offering the course.


In fairness to your peers, please DO NOT hold seats in courses that you do not plan to stay registered in and DO NOT register in the same course twice whether it be in the same term or a different term.  We will be pulling reports throughout the summer to identify if there are any students registered in duplicate courses.  In these cases, you will be asked to drop the course(s) or you will be removed from the duplicate course.  Registering in the same course more than once in the Fall/Winter session will appear as a duplicate on your transcript.

If you are unable to secure a seat in the elective course, please register in another elective where you satisfy the course requisites and one that fits your timetable and has space.  You may find this calendar link helpful when searching for elective courses

Elective Courses Available To Level I Students

Upper Level Course Availability


If you have any questions, please contact us,

  • COURSE OVERLOAD – please contact at the end of August with your request/reason to overload and we will consider your request at that time.

Course Permissions/Waivers – Please refer to the course description in the undergraduate calendar to review the course prerequisite.  If the course requires permission of the instructor, or you don’t satisfy the course prerequisite, please contact the course instructor.

Refer to the class search/Mytimetable in MOSAIC, to find the instructor’s name. 

McMaster Faculty & Staff Directories

BHSc Faculty Contact List

*If granted permission by the course instructor, please forward the approval to

  • CONFLICT REQUESTS – please contact and include the following information in your request,
    • ensure that you have registered for the non-BHSc course
    • Specify the term of the conflict
    • Course codes for both courses, including the sections you are trying to register for (specify C01,T01,L01)
    • Date/time each course is offered and the when the conflict occurs
    • Explain how you plan to manage the course conflict
    • Have you consulted either instructor about registering in the course even though it conflicts with another/provide confirmation of approval one one/both instructors?
    • Will this course conflict place you in a course overload
  • Third and fourth year BHSc students: seats in certain popular courses with limited space will remain closed until all third and fourth year enrolment appointments have occurred.  See BHSc Elective Courses tab for further details.
  • RESERVE CAPACITIES  – Although a course may appear to have a seat(s) available, these seats may not be in a reserve capacity that applies to you. Reserve capacities maintain a specific number of seats for specific groups of students. The seats in the reserve capacity that applies to you may be full at this time. You should register in another elective course, and try to register in the course later in case a seat opens or the reserve capacity opens,  BHSc (Hons) will release reserve capacities in elective BHSc courses on July 15th
  • All reserve capacities will be released July 15th for non-required BHSc courses ~ If the course(s) is still full you may continue to try to register up until the end of course drop & add, in the event that someone drops the course.~
  • If you need to register in a course on MOSAIC that is full and there are no alternative courses that satisfy your degree requirements, and you already meet the course requisites, you may contact the Department of the course and/or your Faculty Office. In addition, if a course is required for your program and there is room in the core component (normally the lecture) but you cannot select a conflict-free lab and/or tutorial because they are all full, please contact the Department that offers the course. If you don’t satisfy the course requisites and/or the course requires Department permission, please contact the Department that offers the course. In these situations, the decision rests with the Department that offers the course whether they can accommodate your request.  DEPARTMENT CONTACT LIST
  • Project/Thesis courses require permission.  For information and forms, please visit,
    • Project Courses Hub 
    • Thesis Courses Hub
    • You must complete and submit the appropriate electronic forms for review and approval before you will be able to register.
  • Students may elect to complete more than one project/thesis course, up to a maximum of 9 units in Level 3 and a maximum of 18 units in Level 4.
  • IMPORTANT – When communicating by email, please remember to use the “REPLY” function, so that a history of your communication will be included.
  • please ensure that you include your student number in your correspondence.

If you have registration-related questions that are not addressed above, please contact the BHSc office, *please only contact one staff member regarding the same inquiry