Snack on this! An Introduction to Bite-Sized Science

Snack on this! An Introduction to Bite-Sized Science

By: Yunyi Cui, Josephine Ding and Irene Zhao, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2023

Although research and discovery is frequently considered the pinnacle of science, it is only half the battle. Effective knowledge translation is arguably just as important as knowledge acquisition, and as students, we have found that the scientific literature can be intimidating due to its complex jargon! At its very heart, Bite-Sized Science seeks to bridge the gap between scientific topics and the general public. Our goal is to make science more digestible for everyone, while providing students with the opportunity to develop their scientific literacy and writing skills.


Launched in the summer of 2020, Bite-Sized Science has since grown to include 12 members from various faculties and years at McMaster University. The team consists of writers, graphic designers, and social media managers who are responsible for writing blog posts, designing infographics, and researching weekly fun facts on various scientific subjects. We connect with our readers through our website, Instagram, and Facebook platforms.


Despite only having recently started-up, Bite-Sized Science has already published 17 blog posts, 16 weekly fun facts, and created over 47 graphics. A few of our past topics include the science of sunscreen, effects of blue light and signs of life in the universe. Recently, we have also expanded our initiatives to create study resources for courses such as Chemistry 1AA3 and hope to cover other science courses in the near future. This past month, Bite-Sized Science is fortunate to have collaborated with GirlUp McMaster on a project featuring women in STEM.


Ultimately, we hope to amplify the impact and reach of scientific discoveries and advancements. We hope to continuously expand our initiatives moving forward and help break complex scientific topics into bite-sized pieces.


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