Student Z

Student Z

By: Carla Bang, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2023 (McMaster), Ma’az Syed, BMSc, Class of 2023 (Western),
Aarish Adeel, BMSc, Class of 2023 (Western)


Student Z is a non-profit organization run by a group of McMaster, Western, Waterloo, and Ryerson University students that was established to build community in, and a brighter future for, Gen Z. Our work began in April 2020, when McMaster BHSc student Carla Bang and Western BMSc student Ma’az Syed co-founded this initiative in direct response to the implications of COVID-19. As an organization, we recognized that certain communities are impacted more heavily than others and subsequently sought to bridge the gap between some of the inequalities that manifest themselves in a student’s educational experience.

Over the past year we have helped various students from the GTA through free 1-on-1 tutoring in 15 different STEM subjects across grades 9-12 by matching high school students with tutors currently enrolled in university programs. To enrich and streamline the experience for both our students and tutors, we provide them with our own academic resources (i.e., notes, slideshows, etc.) and offer to subsidize the vulnerable sector checks necessary for tutors to work 1-on-1 with students. Moving forward, we hope to grow and better target our services to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as consulting educational experts to enhance our ability to help foster academic growth.

Over the next year, we are looking forward to growing our team and initiative to meet the demands of more students and tutors. If you’re interested in growing with us and believe in our cause, we encourage you to reach out.

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