Welcome to Dr. Jennifer Nash!

Welcome to Dr. Jennifer Nash!

The BHSc (Hons) Program is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Jennifer Nash as an Assistant Professor, as of September 1, 2017.  Jennifer is not only an experienced instructor and facilitator in the Program, but she is also an alumna, having graduated with her BHSc (Hons) degree in 2004.  She subsequently became a chiropractor, and has worked in a multi-disciplinary practice while serving in a variety of roles in her provincial and international professional associations, as well as teaching in BHSc since 2011.

“I have a passion for teaching, and I’m continually looking for opportunities to further develop the courses I’m involved in and other aspects of the program”, she says.  With her background as a chiropractor, she is especially interested in musculoskeletal health, non-pharmacological pain management and interdisciplinary and interprofessional education, and will continue to serve as a liaison person between the BHSc (Hons) Program and the Program for Interprofessional Practice, Education & Research (PIPER) in the Faculty of Health sciences.

Jenn believes that “learning is not a passive process, that students and facilitators should not be passive participants,” and largely sees her role as one of facilitator rather than instructor.  “A facilitator helps students take an active role in identifying their learning goals, and helps them identify opportunities, challenge assumptions, collaborate with others, and think critically,” she says.

For 2017-18 Academic Year, Jenn will be teaching and facilitating in a number of courses in the BHSc (Hons) Program, continuing as a facilitator in HTHSCI 1E06 – Inquiry I, HTHSCI 2J03 – Health, Attitude, & Behaviour, HTHSCI 3X03 – Pain: Perceptions, Mechanisms, & Management, HTHSCI 4SS6 Group Process Practicum and 4EE3 Education Practicum in Health Sciences which she has taught for a number of years.  In addition, she’ll be leading the changes in HTHSCI 4F03 – Clinical Practice Environment, and helping to update and create new course offerings.

In reflecting on her experiences as a student in the program, Jenn thinks she only spoke twice in her first year Inquiry course!  “Certainly, as an alum Jenn can relate to students’ experiences as they immerse themselves in Inquiry for the first time, and help them to get the most out of it,” says Stacey Ritz, Assistant Dean of the BHSc (Hons) Program.   “She’s been there and knows what it’s like first hand.”

“Teaching is not a one-way street and learning is messy,” Jenn notes.  ”My motto is, ‘everything in moderation…except cupcakes and questions.  These are always fair game.’”