When Girls Rise, We All Rise

When Girls Rise, We All Rise

By: Abby Simpson, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2023 and Andrea Jacob, BHSc (Honours), Class of 2023


What does feminism mean to you? Maybe it means educating yourself about gender issues on a global scale. Perhaps it means actively advocating for marginalized communities or acknowledging the impact of intersectionality. To you, maybe it simply means doing what you can to be an ally.


Really, feminism is a combination of all of these things, and much more. At the heart of the feminist movement is people just like you – people who want to make a difference in the world by striving toward social change. Launched in 2020, Girl Up McMaster is an empowerment-focused club that focuses on just that.


Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation adolescent girl campaign that strives to empower the next generation of leaders while advocating and raising funds for girls in developing countries who lack access to education, healthcare, and safety. With Girl Up McMaster, our mission is to engage and empower individuals in the Hamilton community through leadership, service, advocacy and fundraising.


Global change starts on the community level! Girl Up McMaster provides club members with opportunities to learn about contemporary, gender-focused matters of social justice and to use their voices to make a difference in their communities. As a team, we encourage each other to learn about and actively contribute to causes that strive toward gender equality and equity. By participating in service-based initiatives, contributing to social media campaigns, attending workshops, and supporting fundraisers, Girl Up McMaster club members are making a difference in the world around them while simultaneously building up their own power, confidence, and leadership skills. Past events include the empowHER 2021 Virtual Summit, a Digital Advocacy Panel for International Women’s Day, and a panel on the Impacts of Covid on Women and Girls in collaboration with McMaster HERE. To give back to our community, we are partnered with Mission Services through establishing our own Mentorship Program, which we are happy to announce is expanding this fall.


If our mission aligns with your passions, we would love to welcome you onto our team of changemakers! Join us in celebrating women’s and girls’ limitless potential through advocacy, service, leadership, and fundraising. Through everyday activism, you can propel social change. To learn more about our club and how to get involved, please visit our website (https://girlupmcmaster.wixsite.com/mysite) and our Instagram (@girlupmcmaster).


Our executive team:

Co-Founders/Co-Presidents: Andrea Jacob and Amanda Backal

VP Administration: Abby Simpson

VP Advocacy: Oishika Tarafdar

VP Design: Sally Shin

VP External: Tess Chee

VP Finance: Stephanie Tabakos

VP Internal: Rose Yakubov

VP Media Operations: Bella Reis

VP Photography/Videography: Allie Cui

VP Wellness: Anna Phillips

Junior VP External: Emily Volfson

Assistant Advocacy Officer: Chloe Drapeau