Youth Mental Health Association and Unwind Your Mind Podcast

Youth Mental Health Association and Unwind Your Mind Podcast

Anna-Lisa Nguyen is one of the Directors of the Youth Mental Health Association. After becoming a high school mental health club Ambassador in 2017, she has continually taken on more YMHA projects and worked her way up to a directorship role. At the beginning of the pandemic, she saw the need for connection between members in both Ontario and British Columbia and started three different quarantine projects: an internal mentorship program, a blog, and a podcast named Unwind Your Mind.


The YMHA blog has internal contributors and guest writers, touching on topics that are relevant to youth and young adults. The blog has both narrative and resource-based posts that look to destigmatize mental illnesses and increase accessibility to wellness help.

Similarly, Unwind Your Mind invites guests from all walks of life for difficult and insightful conversations. The podcast encompasses all things wellness, including mental, emotional, and physical health. The purpose of UYM is to have an open dialogue that is digestible and relevant for youth. With a variety of guests from high school to professionals, listeners can expect to learn something new each episode.

These creative mediums are in addition to YMHA’s other endeavours working with neighbourhood centres in Vancouver, operating a pen-pal program for long-term care homes in Ontario, and providing support to high school mental health clubs around Canada.



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